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Should You Re-design Your Website?

My business website at is in dire need of a re-design. But like I’ve discovered in many other professions, say mechanics, they’re just too busy fixing other people’s car problems to work on their own. This last iteration of my website was done in early 2011 – a very long time in web years.Continue Reading

More Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Designer

In my last article, I stated an initial three questions you should ask before hiring a web designer. You want to know who will own the domain name, the various costs, the terms and what exactly are you getting for your money. (You can view it at this link – In this second part,Continue Reading

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Designer

When you’re buying a car, a house or any other important item, you ask lots of questions. You spend hours doing research online. You ask your friends their opinion. You don’t want any surprises after you make your purchase. Before you make the decision to hire a vendor to build you a website, you’ve gotContinue Reading

How To Get Your Own…and a Tip To Save TT$75.00!

Your domain name (the is your business’ address on the internet, like or It’s important that you own your domain name and that you have control of it. But how do you choose one and get it registered? Choosing a domain name Here’s my advice for choosing a business domain name: keepContinue Reading